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7 Simple Ways of Taking Care of Your Bikini this Summer!!

After many months of looking for the perfect swimming suit, you finally have it in your hands and can't wait to wear it!!

There are a few simple measurements you should know to make sure your swimsuit stays as healthy as possible for the entire summer! Now that you have found the bikini that makes you feel confident and comfortable, you really don't want to ruin it after a few wears!!

#1 Rinse with cold tap water right after using it! It is very important to clear the swimsuit from any chemicals and elements that could deteriorate the materials like the chlorine, tanning lotions, sunscreen and of course salty water and sand. So, make sure to take a cold shower in between refreshing pool or ocean sessions and tanning or chilling sessions.

#2 It is also very important to hand wash your bikini once you take it off for the day. Wash it with lots of cold water and just a small squeeze of washing detergent for delicate materials.

#3 Make sure you never (and I mean NEVER!!) wring or twist your bathing suit. This will stretch the fibres which means that the material will probably loss its shape.

#4 To dry your swimming suit make sure you never put it in the dryer. Just simply place the swimsuit in between two towels and apply some pressure to get rid of the excess water and then lay it flat in a ventilated area

#5 Never hang the swimsuit because it will stretch, and lose shape due to the weight of the water.

#6 To further maintain the shape and quality of your swimsuit put your sunscreen on before wearing the swimming suit so that it has soaked in to your skin and there won’t be any excess on the swimsuit.

#7 Lastly, wet your swimmers by taking a quick shower before jumping in to the pool. This will stop your swimsuit from absorbing as much chlorine.

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