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4 Steps to Survive This Winter!!!

It is almost unbelievable that we are in March already, this year feels like is going faster than last and soon we will be in winter! The summer that just past was an amazing summer, full of pretty sunsets and beautiful hot weather that enabled us to the enjoy the wonder of the ocean, sunbathing and spending time with the people we love in the great outdoors.

Now that summer has past and the long, warm days are numbered it is hard to ignore the thoughts about the cooler months of autumn and of course winter. But instead of dreading the change of weather, we should all embrace it!

How can we navigate life with less day light?

We have put together

4 simple steps to have an easier and enjoyable cold winter.

  1. Start getting in contact with the people you really wanted to catch up with during summer but didn't manage to. Try schedule some activities with them during winter such as visiting a hot chocolate bar or going for a hike

  2. Star a list of art galleries and museums you didn't explore this summer and make a real effort to go and check them out. (perhaps with your friends from step 1)

  3. Plan home dinner parties. Since going out is not the best of the winter plans, don’t let your social life slow down. Bring the fun to the warmth of your house!

  4. This step is my favourite! Plan a holiday to a tropical destination in the northern hemisphere. If you start planning a holiday now, this will be your inspiration during the cold weather for everything from staying fit to saving money!! (This also applies If you opt for a snow holiday)

So, don’t waste your time being sad about the summer that has ended but be happy and proactive about the winter that approaches!

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